Society for Neuroscience 2019

Chicago 19-23 October 2019

Three PhD students from Lund part of Ph-Coding presented their work at the Society for Neuroscience 2019 conference in Chicago, 19th-23rd October 2019.

Focal stroke affects tactile processing in neocortical neurons at large distances from the lesion

Anders Wahlbom, Jonas M.D. Enander, Fredrik Bengtsson, Henrik Jörntell


A Model for Self-Organizing Spinal Cord Circuitry Through Learning

Jonas Enander1, Adam Jones2, Matthieu Kirkland2, Jordan Hurless2, Henrik Jörntell1, Gerald E. Loeb2


Impact on intracellular responses to tactile inputs of information resident in the neocortical network

Johanna Norrlid, Jonas M.D. Enander, Hannes Mogensen, Henrik Jörntell


Anders Wahlbom
Jonas Enander
Johanna Norrlid